Push Notifications are clickable messages sent to a browser on your device from an app or website. These notifications can only be sent to users who have subscribed for these notifications. As these notifications are pushed to subscriber’s browser, they don’t have to be present on your website to receive these notifications.

This is how a push notification looks like on a desktop and mobile respectively.

Push notifications these days are preferred more than email because:-

  • Click Through Rates for Push Notifications was 5 to10x higher than Email, and ranged between 10 to 40%
  • Our ROI from such customer engagement was 3 to 5x higher as compared to Email

With PushEngage you can send personalized push notifications by segmenting users based on their location and URLs.

You can also send drip notifications for lead nurturing and customer re-engagement.

To add more impact you can send Large Image Notifications as well.It can make your desktop notification stand out and increase Click Rates. This works on Chrome (version 56+).