Going live with the platform is a very easy 3 Step process that you can do in 10 mins.

If you have not already complete, then register yourself at PushEngage from Homepage.

Here are the THREE easy steps to go live

 1) Configure your website details in PushEngage dashboard 

       Once you register you will get a login into PushEngage dashboard. Login into dashboard an configure the website details.

      a) You need to provide your Website Name and an Image for Push Notifications. The image is a key part of the notification, and we would recommend a solid image of 192x192pixels or any square image. We would recommend a solid image.

      b) You should also configure your Time Zone settings in Profile so that your notifications appear in the correct time zone.



 2) Go Live By Adding the JavaScript Code on your website.

     Identify the type of website you have. HTTP or HTTPS. Confused between the two types, here is a quick test for HTTPS sites. They will have the green lock in the URL address with Secure written like below.

     a)For HTTP Sites Only

      If you are using a WordPress Plugin – go here to get the plugin and skip the step. The plugin will automatically add the below javascript code in your website. To activate your Plugin, you will need to get the API key from Settings.

     All Other Websites: Insert the 2 Line javascript code present in the Settings -> Installation Settings in Header of your website, or wherever you would like to collect subscription. That is it you should be live now!!



For HTTPS Sites Only

Go to Install settings and get the package files – manifest.jso., service-worker.js from Step 2 of Installation Settings.

Place these files in the root folder of your website so it is accessible from https://www.example.com/manifest.json and https://www.example.com/service-worker.js.

If you are not able to place any files in your root folder  then follow the below settings in Subscription Dialog box Settings and use Quick Install in HTTPS site. 



3) Configure Your Opt-in Method and Subscription Settings

Now to configure your subscription pop-up, go to Settings -> Subscription Dialog Box Settings.

If you have an HTTPS site, then you will be getting the browser default opt-in pop-up as shown below. As of now, we don't have any way to change the language or the details of this pop-up.

If you are an HTTP site, then you have several ways to collect the subscribers. One Step opt-in is likely to get higher subscription rate, so we encourage you to use that. You have the option to select Safari Style Box, Bell or Bottom Placed Bar.

Next, you should Configure your welcome message. We recommend a Welcome Message for all subscribed users, as it acts as a confirmation for a new subscription. This is under Settings -> Welcome Notification Settings.

That is it you are live with PushEngage on your site !! You can now test notifications on your site.