Step 1: Create the segments you want to define in your website in Dashboard under Users -> Segments.

Step 2: Each time you subscribe a user on a given page, pass the correct segment for that user in any of the method you use for subscribing user.

Here is the name segmentname corresponds to the name you have configured earlier

a) Default Popup


Note: when this is being used please don’t use the below code


Following are the equivalent Button and Link code

b) Button code:

<button onclick=”_pe.openDialogBox(“segmentname”);”>

c) Link code:

<a onclick=”_pe.openDialogBox(“segmentname”);” href=”javascript:void(0)”> Subscribe </a>

Step3.  Now that you have segmented the user, test out by sending a targeted message to the users, and see your CTR (Click Through Rate) Increase and Engagement Increase