The custom sub-domain settings are required for below reasons - 

1) If you have HTTP site and want to collect subscription on your own domain. 

2) If you want to do two step subscription on a sub-domain instead of main domain. 

Follow below steps to set this up.

1) Create a sub-domain on your own domain for example  -

is your sub-domain and is your main domain. 

Please do not use a self certified SSL.

2) Navigate to Settings > Installation settings > Get two lines of async JavaScript code. 

Add this code snippet at two places 

a) On the main domain before </body>

b) On the sub-domain before </body> along with one extra line as below 

<script>var dialog_box=true; </script>

Please note that you need to add this line after installation code only on sub-domain for the setup to work correctly.

Once this is done you can proceed to second part of installation on sub-domain.

3) In Settings > Installation Settings > Download the service-worker files. 

Extract and place it in the root folder of your sub-domain. 

It should be accessible from following location -

4) Once all these steps are completed, navigate to PushEngage dashboard 

Settings > Custom sub-domain settings > Specify the sub-domain

Under conditions - open in new window and save the settings. 

Once the setup is complete you can ask our live chat agents to verify your setup or mail us at